Area Rugs

Hand knotted to last generations or machine made to last until you are ready for a change, we have the right rug for any room.  Stop in and browse hundreds of rug samples to find the one you love.

Choose from a dazzling array of wool or synthetic yarns, bold patterns, textures, and hand-tufted rugs that let you make the ultimate style statement.

Many of our rugs are made to order, allowing you to customize them to the exact size you want.

Area Rug Fibers:

Wool – Made from the fleece of a sheep, wool is very durable and resilient.  Wool yarns appear in rugs as both dyed and undyed yarns and will vary in shade from one piece to the next.  Wool will fade when exposed to direct sun and all wool sheds, however the amount of shedding varies depending on the quality of the yarn and the weaving technique.

Polyester / Polypropylene - Synthetic yarn produced by extruding liquid polymers into fibers that are then combined into yarn.  This type of fiber is highly durable, fade and stain resistant, low shedding, and moisture resistant.  This fiber can have a slight chemical odor initially but will fade over time.

Jute / Seagrass / Sisal - Plant fibers that are spun into yarn.  These fibers are sustainable, biodegradable, durable, affordable and low shedding (high shedding if a pile construction).

Viscose – A fiber made from cellulose pulp.  Viscose imitates the look and feel of silk with a soft texture and lustrous sheen.  This fiber is not recommended for high traffic areas due to the tendency to mat and the difficulty in cleaning.

Area Rug Construction:

Hand Knotted – The traditional method of rug construction used for hundreds of years.  A yarn is passed through the rug backing and hand tied to lock it in place.  The most labor intensive method of rug construction resulting in the most expensive rug.  A hand knotted rug can last for generations and is very low shedding.

Hand Tufted / Machine Tufted – Yarns are punched through the rug backing either by hand or by machine and the fiber is then locked in place with a layer of liquid latex poured over the back of the rug when finished.  This method of construction is faster and less expensive to create, but because not all fibers are grabbed by the latex it is the highest shedding rug type.

Machine Woven – The most economical method to weave a rug.  Machine woven rugs are most often made with synthetic fibers, and are very low shedding.  Machine woven rugs are not as long wearing as had knotted rugs and should be considered fashion rugs to be changed as trends evolve.

Flat Weave – Most often made of wool, this rug is produced on a loom and is very durable because it can be reversed to get twice the life from the rug.  This type of construction is very low shedding.

Having trouble deciding on a rug?

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